The Sun, the ultimate source of all energy on earth, rising from the background, stands for power, progress and radiance.

Lotus The full blown Lotus growing out of the lake symbolises the emergence of the mind and its triumph over matter after gradual evolution and development.


The Elephant stands for strength, majesty, poise and tolerance, the qualities which go to make a balanced personality.


The mystery planet Saturn spinning about in the vast expanse of space and time to the accompaniment of speeding stars and nebulae symbolises the eternal harmony, order and system manifesting the universe.

Atomic Circle

The Atomic Circles symbolise the advancement of science which lights up the flame of true knowledge, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and spreading enlightenment around.

Motto of the institution

The avowed motto of the institution is to discipline the human mind ultimately leading to inner freedom and harmony. The real greatness of a person depends on his mental make-up, its stature and poise as embodied in the line picked from Thirukkural.