National Cadet Corps

The College has a committed NCC wing. Being the single largest youth organisation in the world, NCC provides the cadets with ample opportunities to enhance their character, leadership, initiative, drive and comradeship amongst the youth. Wide array of activities are undertaken by the NCC. It moulds the cadets into able and smart citizens of tomorrow. The NCC of this college is popular and is of several achievements to its credit.
National Service Scheme
The College offers opportunities to do social services. It gives good makeup in students mind to move and serve the society and to develop leadership qualities.
It is a voluntary organisation for the students and teachers to involve in social service activities. The participants get a chance to develop a sense of Nation through corporate living and co-operative action. Volunteers who undergo the prescribed course of training will be given certificates from the University.

Girls NCC Unit has been functioning since August 2013
Red Ribon Club